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Success starts with our team. 
As the company continues to grow, we need someone who can provide fresh and creative ideas for company innovations and future growth. TGC is seeking an enthusiastic team members to grow with TGC.

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The TGC Quality Assurance team plays a vital role in establishing the highest standards of food safety and product quality to our clients. Working with health departments and our QA clients, the QA team ensures that all guidelines and regulations are meet. The QA team focuses on QMS, food safety programs, permitting and compliance of Standard Operating Procedures. Additionally, the QA Team performs field work coaching and training operators in safe food handling.


TGC R&D team plays a critical role in building and maintaining strong business relationship with our clients. We are involved in every step of the product development process, from ideation to getting the products on retail shelves. Our main roles will be developing and maintaining food labeling information, update nutritional database, working closely with culinary team in the product development process, and create effective and neat visual training content (SOP) that can be scaled across hundreds of store locations


TGC Marketing team is responsible for creating various marketing materials, such as print materials, multimedia contents, and web design, using our company brand assets. You must be able to take a job from concept through final production while adhering to product and brand identity. As the company continues to grow, we need someone who can provide fresh, innovative ideas for future marketing initiatives and create a forward-thinking culture that stimulates advancement and growth of the company.

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Accounting Team works behind the scene to keep the company running. You must be able to handle both Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables for the separate entities and perform other responsibilities and projects that are assigned. You will also be in communication with other Departments since they rely on Accounting for information.


As a Regional Representative, you will act like a territory manager, overseeing and supporting multiple sushi/Asian food retail locations in assigned territory to achieve sales, safety, and operational standards. You will help support through data-driven analysis, negotiate and influence without authority, and build strong relationships with multiple stakeholders, including our sub-processors, retail store leaders, and senior management.


TGC Logistics Team offers a complete supply chain management that integrates the logistics, procurement, and warehouse operations. We transfer sushi ingredient and cooking supplies from Houston distribution center to more than 300 locations across states. With dedicated trucks and drivers , we provide a right-sized shipping volume to each of our grocery partner stores. Our main steering aspect of logistic activities is to support TGC Sushi business and fulfill our grocery partner stores' daily demand, and we consistently monitor and measure the health of our oversea and domestic supply chain and apply innovative solutions to improve our overall performance.

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